Why Quartz Stone

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Earth.

CUIPO STONE quartz slab is made by 93% quartz , 7% resin and pigment under high pressure vacuum condition.

So it also be called as engineered stone , man-made stone, or artificial quartz stone.

But it has all benefits of other stone without its drawbacks, non-porous, stain-resistant, extremely durable,heat resistant, hard-wearing.

Nature stone such as marble, granite or solid surface..., they are scratches and stains easily , require frequent maintenance.

So quartz stone is more and more popular to be a reliable choice forcountertops, vanity tops and other tops.


Apparent DensityEN14617-1:20052340kg/mᶟ
Water AbsorptionEN14617-1:20050.03%
Flexural StrengthEN14617-2:200849.9MPa

Thermal Shock 


EN14617-6:2005Mass Loss: 0.03%

Slip Resistance 



RV "dry": 63 

SRV "wet": 14

Abrasion Resistance


Impact ResistanceEN14617-9:20054.38J



EN14617-10:2005Surface finish is unaffected by the reagents

Linear Thermal 

Expansion Coefficient

Mohs HardnessEN1017 Mohs

High Temp. 


ASTM E84No cracking, no blistering, no color differences

Colorfastness and 

Aging Test (200h)  

No cracking, no crazing, no blistering, ΔΕ is 1.68

Mirror GlossinessASTM D523-0855


Maintaining Quartz surfaces is easy, simply wash with a soft cotton cloth and warm water, use a mild soap if desired. 

Like all stone material, quartz stone can be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes; quartz stone is also not chemical proof or fracture proof in any form. For your kitchen durable and beautiful, please take care the surface.

What NOT to do 

*Do not place hot pots and pans on the surface directly; (a pad or trivet placed between countertop and hot object will do the trick.)

*Do not use or expose your quartz surface to strong chemicals or solvents that can damage its physical properties (such as bleach, oven or dishwasher cleaners etc. if your surface accidentally be exposed to any of these damaging products, rinse immediately with water to neutralize the effect.)

*Do not cut on the surface directly. (Use a cutting board please )

Quartz stone is not a structural support product. 20mm and 30mm thicknesses are for countertops and must be supported. 12mm thicknesses are for surface finishes such as walls, tub and shower surrounds and fireplaces.

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